Conundrum is the book that explains why efficiency does not solve our environmental problems, but makes them more intractable, and therefore worse. Highly recommended.

The Efficiency Trap is another thoughtful exploration of how to avoid superficial fixes that hurt more than they help. In terms of energy in buildings it means that site-derived renewable energy (SDRE) is really the only option that matters.

Here is a review of the issues covered by these books.


The Kaiterra Laser Egg is one of the simplest solutions to measure air quality. It measures the air quality directly with a laser beam. On some days I can see upto a 50 point difference between inside my apartment (very good) and in the hallway of the building. It has two fancier versions one with CO2 measurement, and another with CO2 and TVOC , as well as fine dust and THI.

Business Process

Having had some interesting experiences in the Information Technology world, I tend to be partial to the rare good tools that one finds. In the 80´s I designed a strategic information system for an $2bn company, which lasted twenty years. I also had Linux dual-boot on all my Windows computers since the first beta versions. Finally, when Windows 10 Anniversary Edition crashed my lovely HP desktop, I switched to Linux for good (Mint). That machine is still in active service.

Something extraordinary came along and I recently switched my business to run on Zoho. This is an extraordinary software suite, very modular in conception. Zoho has clearly been designed for greatest utility and value to your business, and not for the purpose of harvesting your information and reselling it. I can seriously recommend it, you can find it here: Zoho link.

An other pet-peeve of mine is accounting systems. More on that later… stay tuned.