Energy Retrofit Advisory

Our focus is on clarifying your company’s investment criteria and helping you develop an energy investment program that offers high alpha and low beta. Energy retrofitting is potentially a high-return investment that deserves priority treatment.

What matters is getting the overall direction right, and not be swayed by the latest happy, shiny sales person that comes through your door. God forbid they come armed with tax incentives. You work for your shareholders, not theirs.

Along the way, we can look into energy  procurement for you as well.

Utility Audits, Recovering Tax Incentives, Expense reduction

  • Utility audits can often produce some surprise findings… money you did not know you had.
  • Escpecially in NYC you can find some pleasant surprises with DEP and Property Tax Audits.
  • At a federal level, the most important tax incentives that remain standing are:
    • WOTC, upto $9,600 per hire.
    • CostSegregation is worth 40% more if done before your 2017 filing.
    • R&D Credits
  • Various other Expense Reduction programs, and financial services for business owners.

Energy Efficiency Products

Smart use of energy efficiency can make or break a retrofit project. We offer two products that can greatly enhance whatever project you are undertaking, Solar PV, Wind, Water, Heat Pumps, Fuel Cells, or even CHP:

  • Harmonic filters improve efficiency for the entire property by 10-25%. Payback in the 1-2 year range, sometimes shorter.
  • Thermal window treatments reduce thermal load in a property by 10-20%, payback in the 5-year range, far outperforming window replacements.



We focus on financial returns not social programs

The problem with incentive programs is that they benefit either the manufacturers of equipment, or the utility company or both. Just because something is “on sale,” does not mean it is the best solution for your property, or even appropriate. We work for you, and we help you find the money to realize worthwhile projects.

Harmonic Filters & Other Secrets

Harmonic filters offer multiple benefits:

  • Direct power savings of 10-25% pay for the hardware, usually in between 6 and 18 months.
  • By reducing heat on power circuits, they lower the risk of electrical fires.
  • Equipment will run cooler on pure 60 Hz power, which saves on wear and tear and ultimately replacement.
  • They will lower the load of EMF radiation.

Thermal Window Treatments eliminate 70% of heat and cold infiltration from windows, and can lower the building’s overall thermal load by as much as 10-20%.



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