Economic Value Created with Harmonic Filters

Reducing consumption in a facility makes any on-site generation, be it CHP, Solar, or Wind more economical, since a 8-20% reduction in consumption will lower the installed capacity(ICap) needed to provide adequate power.
Because the filters ensure pure 60 Hz power in a facility, the tendency for overheating of both equipment and the wiring will be reduced, and therefore wear and tear, as well as the risk of electrical fires is reduced, meaning improvements in O&M costs as well as reduced long-term Capital needs.
Eventually, with more data to go on, it is conceivable that discounts on P&C insurance policies could be achieved because of the reduction in the risk of electrical fires.
Even the power savings alone add value to the property for all of the above reasons.
For vendors of LEDS, HVAC, heat pumps, Solar PV, wind turbines, battery chargers, we increase the economic value of their product, as well as we lower the warranty costs by reducing power problems.Note that solar PV and battery chargers both tend to inject substantial harmonics into a circuit, thus lowering the overall power quality in that entire circuit, and increasing the power bills permanently.