Enhancing Lubrication

Polytron MTC is a lube oil additive, but it is not so much a lubricant as it is a metal treatment. To be precise, Polytron MTC forms a semi-permanent bond with the metal and it leaves a smooth surface again wherever there are any gouges or pits , like will happen in the cylinder walls in a car. With such a smooth, shiny surface your standard lube oil is more effective and lasts longer.

Cold starts are easier, and in the long run wear and tear on the engine is reduced, so much so that you would see the oil come out nearly clean when you are draining the old oil for an oil change. Once you observe that, you know you can increase the service intervals. Begin by doubling it. Note also that Polytron will allow a car to run for another 10 miles or so with water or sand in the engine, or even with a complete loss of oil. The end result of all this is that your engine could last two or three times longer.

These results are comparable to what the Polytron GDFC Fuel Additive does – on a gas car it leaves the exhaust pipe very clean without hardly any carbon deposits, and in a diesel engine you can see most of the time that the exhaust gases are much cleaner. Again, because the combination of the fuel additive and the luboil additive result in better compression, and therefore more complete combustion, the result is usually greater in older cars. Even cars that could not pass inspection without Polytron, can easily pass inspection with Polytron.

These products pay for themselves:

  • Reduced oil and gas consumption; improved mileage
  • Longer service intervals; usually double or triple.
  • Longer engine life, usually at least 200 to 300%, but sometimes up to 500 or 600% longer service life.

This company has been in business more than 30 years, but most sales have been international, including the armed forces of several countries. We are now part of introducing this product in the USA, as well as taking it to some international destinations. Typical customers have large fleets of vehicles. One contractor has over 1000 motorized vehicles and earth moving equipment, and a shipowner is using the product in dozens of ships.

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