Polytron Metal Treatment, forms a semi-permanent bond with metal surfaces under pressure, and smooths out the gouging and pitting from wear and tear. It can be administered as:

  • A lubeoil additive: (MTC); added at 10% by volume to motor oil, can double service intervals, and double or triple the life of an engine
  • A fuel conditioner, to achieve top lubrication. added at 0.1% by volume to fuel.
  • An aerosol, to apply directly to any areas of metal to metal friction, or in 5% dilultion in HVAC coolant.
  • A Lithium Grease for heavy duty lubrication. It can increase Service intervals upto 5x, as one trucking company reported to us. For their 18-point lubrication schedule, this meant 4 extra days of service compared to the old way.

Trial Orders

A typical car engine can last 2, 3 or more times longer with Polytron, added with oil changes at 10% by volume.

Contact us to obtain a discount on a trial order of any amount.

Fleet Orders

For large Fleets, we providea supervised pilot programs, typically for 3 older vehicles, as the effect will be greatest in older equipment (improved compression, etc.)

Demonstrations in the Bronx

Shortly, we will offer demonstrations in the Bronx, at Neerob Restaurant, 2096 Starling Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462. Watch for announcements. Alternatively, we can do demonstrations at the company head quarters for the Eastern US in Trumbull, CT.


  • Fewer oil changes, longer service intervals
  • Savings on oil
  • Upto 20% better mileage
  • Engines last longer, 2x or 3x, or more.
  • Better compression, up to 75% reduced emissions.