Polytron for Diesel

On gasoline engines, with the better compression that is accomplished with Polytron-GDFC Fuel additive, you will see improvements in gas mileage of up to 20, 30 or sometimes even 35%, you will feel it in responsiveness of the engine, and also in the cleanliness of the tail pipe.

On Diesel Engines, the results can be even more dramatic, as with more complete combustion, the dirty exhaust of diesel engines can be cleared up very quickly, upto 75% fewer pollutants in the exhaust. That is a visible improvement. Obviously the improved mileage helps also – this is a product that pays for itself.

Also, removing the sulphur from diesel reduces lubrication. Adding Polytron-GDFC fuel additive will improve the lubrication of the top of your engine and overcome this lack of lubrication, and thereby your engines will not just run better, but they will last longer.

The big difference comes at service time, for replacing diesel injectors is costly. With a much cleaner fuel system injectors can last longer, and the savings could be several hundred to $1000 per cylinder. Also, by adding the Polytron MTC lubeoil additive and using the Polytron Lithium grease, service intervals can be extended. If you operate a large fleet, this adds up to increased vehicle availability. If you can save three days of service per year, and you operate 150 vehicles, that soon amounts to an extra vehicle in your fleet.

The same logic extends to all heavy equipment that runs on diesel. Large contractors with hundreds or even thousands of vehicles are also happy to avoid potential fine from smokey exhausts.

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