Steam and Respiratory Infections

The truth is, steam radiators were designed to keep you warm with the windows open, because after the 1918 flu epidemic people understood that sunlight and fresh air were the best desinfectants. All of that knowledge was lost during the various energy crises, when the agenda shifted to economizing on heat, and tightening up building envelopes.

There are numerous avenues of achieving this, including smart solutions like radiatorlabs, and smart heating controls like Exquisite Heat, and various ways to tighten up on the building envelope, the biggest one of which is Inflector, a window insulator that can remove 20-40% of the thermal load of the building. But then we have reduced ventilation, and adequate ventilation is necessary, however at least equally important is the removal of particulates from the air.

We´ve been joking for years about indoor air being often worse than outdoor air, but it is not as simple as that. You want to provide fresh air, to facilitate exchange of CO2 for Oxygen, and plants can help as well. Put Sanseveria in your bedroom, since it generates oxygen at night and CO2 by day, and put Areca Palm and Money Plant in the rest of your house, and you can grow all the fresh air you need, without even opening a window. NASA did a lot of research on this and there is a lovely book on the topic, How to Grow Fresh Air. Get it.

Enter Dexwet Pure Air

However, cleaning the particulates out of the air is another matter, and active air treatment systems are expensive in terms of energy use and filter maintenance. Now there is an alternative, the Dexwet Pure Air system. The design is simple. These filters can be configured from 2¨x 2¨ blocks of filter structure, consisting of perforated tubes, moistened with a silicone absorber fluid. Through the natural turbulence in the air, the smallest particles are caught first in this filter, and in just hours it can greatly reduce the amounts of the smallest particles in the air, that includes aerosols, viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew spores. and fine dust. All of these are simply swallowed up by the absorber fluid and rendered harmless immediately. This is a game changer. In no time at all, you can have your indoor air healthier than your outdoor air. No problem.

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