The Speed of the Turn

In business, it is all about the speed of inventory turnover. In air treatment, the same is true of the air in the room. Legacy filters add tremendous air drag (pressure drop), needing air speed of some 5 MpH to overcome the resistance of the filters. Dexwet Pure Air by comparison works effectively at 0.5 – 2.0 MpH.

The low air resistance of these filters means in any kind of forced air system that:

  • Dexwet Pure Air reduces air resistance compared to legacy filters, which lowers power bills and reduces wear and tear on equipment. More air movement for less money.
  • Because of these same features, the air in a room will pass through the filters more often: more turns of the air in the room, which increases filtration.
  • You can use a simple Air Quality meter and see the AQI drop and usually, you can see the results in a few hours, or half a day at most.
  • Likewise, the customer can usually begin to see the effectiveness of the filter in terms of a thin fuzz of dust that is collecting on the filter within a few days or certainly a week.
  • If it is used in conjunction with a legacy filter, the result will still be greater efficiency, for the Dexwet will collect all the fine dust that usually loads up a regular filter very quickly.
  • In conjunction with a HEPA filter, it can extend service life by 4x to 12x.
  • In conjunction with a typical mesh filter in a ductless unit, instead of cleaning the filter once a month, you can clean the filters only once a year, for the Dexwet will keep the mesh filter nearly completely clean.

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