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Here is an article from an industry magazine on air quality options in this age of SARS CoV-2 and concern about pathogenic aerosols, which can linger in the air. I am going to follow the logic of the article, but focus on why the Dexwet Pure Air filter solves the issues in a different and more effective way. Here is a video on a school application in Austria.

Static Filtration Focus

Dexwet is also static, but it does not inhibit air flow, for it works on a different principle, namely air turbulence causing particles to be absorbed in the absorber fluid, with 99% efficiency for the PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 categories. In other words the filter is most effective with the smallest particles, and where a HEPA filter requires air speeds of 5 MPH or more, just to overcome the filter, the Dexwet Pure Air filter functions quite well with air speeds as low as 0.5-2.0 MPH. In short, the Dexwet Pure Air filter shines exactly where the other filters begin to fail, for the openings in the filter mesh determine the smallest particles they will catch and the best of the legacy filters are a huge drag on air pressure in any forced air system.

Notice how conventional filters become “more efficient” as they load up in use, but also require increasing amounts of air pressure as they do so, just to overcome the filter. Not only that, they actually become more efficient only upto about 1/3 of their service life and then they begin to suffer from two inefficiencies, namely shredding – when the airpressure forces particles through the filter, and the billiard ball effect, when larger particles bump smaller particles and force them through the filter. Nano-fiber filter may address some of those issues, however, the Dexwet pure aire categorically solves them, because they are based on a different principle.

Eye on electrostatic

Like electrostatic filters, the Dexwet Pure Air filter is an open cell design and does not create a significant pressure drop (typically undetectable on the intake side and around 6% on the supply side). Ozone production is a very undesirable side effect of the electrostatic approach, since Ozone directly attacks the lungs. Importantly, Dexwet Pure Air requires no additional power, it only reduces power consumption because of lower air drag.

UV-C solutions

These are better in theory than in practice because of the innate dangers of UV, combined with the fact that it is almost impossible to create sufficient dwell time to actually kill pathogens effectively.

The Dexwet Pure Air solution is a powerful alternative because the high effectiveness with the smallest particles, which are immediately absorbed in the absorber fluid and thus rendered harmless. A legacy air filter, by comparison, could be a source of contamination. The Dexwet filter typically needs to be washed once a year, dried, and a fresh coat of the absorber liquid applied.

Active Filtration

Hundreds of companies are in this field. Arguably, they can be useful on an ad-hoc basis, but they are an extra appliance that increases energy demand, and you are evidently better off with a passive solution like Dexwet Pure Air, wherever it can be integrated into existing systems, such as forced-air ducts and even ductless systems.

So, there you have it. Dexwet Pure Air is that simple solution which everyone wonders about why they did not think of it first. Simplicity in this case provides reduced energy consumption in combination with better air quality and a reduction of waste, as there are no more filters to be thrown out.

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