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There was a fascinating report in the news the other day about a very interesting air filtration project, one of those brilliant solutions based on an innovative way of using every day materials. The headline was:

New air purifiers filter at least 90% of Covid-carrying particles, researchers say.

Absolutely amazing stufff, but it demonstrates several key problems with this type of active filtration. For one thing it is noisy, for another, in practice these filters will load up quickly and probably after about 10 days their performance starts declining as a result. After that, you may start to experience that more and more power is needed to suck the air through the filters and as a result, clusters of particles that were previously caught may get sucked through and be recirculated. This is called shredding. Last, not least, larger particles may get sucked in and in what is called the billiard ball effect, may knock some particles loose that were previously held in the filter material with the same result. To observe these results, use an air quality monitor and observe the AQI, Air Quality Index, and in particular also observe the concentration of particulates below 2.5 micrometers.

By contrast, the Dexwet Pure Air filter does not increase air resistance meaningfully, or at least less than textile-type filters – typically zero drag on the intake (return) side, and around 6% on the output (supply) side of the typical forced air system. in other words, it offers no resistance where the air is sucked in, and up to 6% where the air is pushed out. Much like the hairs in your nose, that allow the air to flow freely but trap particles with moisture, the filter tubes in the Dexwet Pure Air filter are coated with a silicone-based absorber fluid, with extremely low surface tension which trap the particulates that get caught in it, and encapsulates them fully, so they are deprived of oxygen, so that any airborne pathogens are no longer viable in any way, whereas with a cloth-type filter they can always escape again and continue to ciruculate.

Last, but not least, the Dexwet Pure Air filter typically has a one year maintenance cycle. It simply is washed out, dried, and the coating is re-applied.

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