Dexwet Sails West

Here is a bit of history of the Dexwet air filter in the United States. Evidently, indoor air quality is more important than ever now that we have become aware how long particles can stay suspended in the air. Aerosols can stay suspended for weeks and all in the air provide excellent hitchhiking opportunities for airborne viruses.

Residential first

The very first installation in the USA was at the home of Dr. Nader Kasim in New Jersey, which took place in September of 2020. The house has a traditional ducted forced-air heating and cooling system.

Dexwet filter applied externally on a ducted supply vent

Dr. Kasim is on the board of Dexwet, hence his early interest.

Commercial First

The first commercial install was at Neerob Restaurant on Starling Avenue, and we plan to do a show and tell there in September and every month after that. We will document the performance of the filter with pictures throughout the year and doing a monthly show and tell for the industry and the press.

You can reserve a space here:

Institutional First

The third installation overall and the first institutional installation was in At the Bornblum Jewish Community School, in Memphis, TN, as reported earlier in this space.

Here is another media report on that installation:

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