Dexwet One Month Performance

On August 16th, 2021 we installed the first “public” Dexwet Pure Air filter in the US at Neerob Restaurant in the Parkchester area of the Bronx.

On September 17th, we inspected the installation, and did a show and tell at the restaurant. Below are two pictures to document the results:

The filter is starting to collect some fine dust
The Mesh filter inside of the wall unit

What he first picture shows is the grey haze of dust forming on the filter, and the second picture shows the on-board internal mesh filter that normally needs to be cleaned once a month, but presently remains completely clean.

The upshot is, that the establishment can clean the Dexwet pre-filter once or twice a year and the mesh filter at the same time. The Dexwet filter can be washed, dried, and the Dexwet Absorber Fluid can be re-applied, to keep the filter in working order.

Because of a natural sorting process that takes place inside the Dexwet filter, due to the van der Waals force, particulates are absorbed into the air from the smallest on up, meaning that aerosols, and therefore also various airborne pathogens are absorbed right along with nano particles of dust, well into the range of regular air filters. Normally, the mesh filter would get clogged up with fine dust, and as it loaded up, some would fly through until it got cleaned. With the Dexwet as a pre-filter the mesh does not get clogged and may catch only a few larger particles, which will hardly impede the air flow.

In short, the Dexwet filter makes your heat pump or A/C, or forced air heating system more efficient also, for you do not have as much air resistance from your filter. Industry estimates are that 25% of cooling, refrigeration and A/C energy is wasted because of dirty coils and filters.

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