Dexwet Neerob Month Two

The second month had mild weather with the door to the restaurant open most of the time and the A/C was not running a lot.

In short, not a lot of more accumulation of dust was seen on the filter, but I post the pictures for the sake of history:

Showing the beginning of some fine dust settled in the filter
While the internal mesh filter remains clean

So there you have it that’s our progress for the month.

Meanwhile, we had a show ‘n tell event again, with some very interesting visitors, and some other interesting people who could not make it but were there in spirit. We will meet up with them in other ways, including potentially at a 10/29 event at the showroom of:
AC Penguin Prestige
191D Bruckner Blvd
Bronx, NY 10454.

AC Penguin is the Territory Partner for Connecticut and New York.

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