Dexwet Goes to School in Memphis

Second US Installation at the Bornblum Jewish Community School in Memphis, TN

The Dexwet modular filter technology is so exciting because it is strong where other filters are weak, i.e. it filters out particulate matter very efficiently, from the very smallest, which typically get through other filters or otherwise load up legacy filters, and increase the air resistance, thus deteriorating performance from about 1/3 of the expected service life of the filter until replacement. The Dexwet filter, with its silicone absorber fluid becomes more efficient over time, as the surface area is always increasing by virtue of the particulates that were absorbed, until it is time to clean and re-apply the liquid. They can extend the service life of other filters by 4x to 12x.

The report from the school was very exciting the installation was spread over two days, 8 /23-24 along with a special science class taught by Dexwet CEO Clemens Sparowitz. On 8/24 four TV crews were filming the assembly and installation with the kids involved. ABC, NBC, Fox and a Denver station, with outlets in 45 states were all there, and the contractor is going to be installing the product in a second school, a synagogue as well as some nursing homes.

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