Blowing Dust and Pathogens

Notoriously, maintenance is the stepchild, and in terms of HVAC and commercial refrigeration, the industry estimates are that some twenty percent of energy is wasted because of dirty coils, as per this major study, the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program Report, published by the Clean Cooling Collaborative. The upshot is that typically HVAC and Refrigeration consume about 25% more energy than necessary due to fouling of the equipment. These days the concern over recirculating pathogens, is more urgent than ever before also, for not only can some pathogens circulate as aerosols and stay airborne for long periods, they can also hitchhike on dust particles.

In new installations, the Dexwet Pure Air filters can be designed in from the outset, and you are starting with clean equipment. At that point, all you have to do is service the filters probably once a year. In the case of retrofits however, there is need to cleaning the equipment first. The problems are several, on one level there is a loss of efficiency, and therefore higher power bills and extra wear and tear on equipment, since it has to work harder to do its job. But the dust can be a breeding ground for pathogens, which can thus be blown around.

Cleaning the equipment thoroughly once gets you back to a clean starting point and then if you install the Dexwet Pure Air as a pre-filter, you are now reducing the maintenance to most likely an annual cleaning of the filter. It should be cleaned, dried, and the absorber liquid should be re-applied.

  • Forced Air – Duct Work – The duct work in forced air systems can build up quite some lint over time. Dexwet Pure Air can usually be integrated on both the return (intake) side and the supply side.
  • Ductless Systems, Blowers – the condenser coils in a blower unit for a ductless system generally have only a mesh filter, which is supposed to be cleaned once a month. Once a Dexwet Pur Air filter is retrofit to the air intake, the maintenance is reduced to a yearly cleaning. Usually it is not possible to fit the filters on the supply side (blowers) in ductless installations.
  • In commercial refrigeration the energy losses are staggering, but the issue of pathogens getting blown around is also ever present. There are cleaning solutions such as Coilpod, which we recommend using. Once the coils are clean, installing the Dexwet Pure Air filter as a pre-filter on the air intake, will prevent fouling. Servicing the filter annually is now all the maintenance you need.
  • In all of these situations mold and mildew may also pop up and may need special remediation.
  • Besides the cleaning we provide an optional coating solution to prevent recurrence. It is a clear, very thin coating with permanent, mechanical anti-microbial properties. When it comes to condenser coils this coating also enhances thermal efficiency.

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