At Home: Bedroom First

One third of your life is spent in the bedroom. Fresh air counts.

I have had Sanseveria in my bedroom for the longest time, but recently, I have tripled the amount, and to great effect.

It is well known that Sanseveria Trifaciata (mother in law´s tongue, snake plant), is the bedroom plant, because it makes oxygen at night. When I inherited two huge, three feet tall sanseverias from a friend who died some time ago, I knew they should end up in my bedroom, but I had a bit of a challenge to figure out a suitable arrangement.

I think I finally managed. See here the result.

The $64,000 question is, what did it do for air quality in the room? The most obvious result was that my typical morning reading of CO2 came down from about 800-1000 ppm to about 500-700 ppm, on good days, it all varies a bit with atmospheric conditions. Depending on who you consult, above 800-1000 ppm is about the range where you want to get increased ventilation, and the window behind these plants is always open 6″ with a filtered screen, which slows down the air infiltration somewhat. All in all, this is a powerful example of what can be accomplished with plants.

Clearly, the usual fresh air trifecta is represented here, ventilation, filtration, and plants for chemical filtration, and oxygenation.

Now I will be working on my living room, which is more of a challenge…

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