Air Quality and Energy Savings

This is the time of revolutions as various trends come together in terms of building energy and living quality. Of course the concerns over indoor air quality have been around a long time, but recently became acute because of a new wave of airborne pathogens, particularly SARS CoV-2.

We are introducing Dexwet filters to the US. Dexwet is a revolutionary and very sustainable new filter technology, which achieves a breakthrough in both air quality and energy efficiency as well as sustainability. The main features are:

  • Sustainability. These filters are permanent. They do not have to be replaced constantly like other types of filters. The Dexwet filter is a permanent filter that can be made to size for almost any HVAC system or heat pump, or other forms of forced air systems, or even heat radiators, as convection is enough to drive them. It works based on air turbulence and a low surface tension absorber liquid, which can be re-applied, depending on the level of air quality that needs to be achieved typically 6, 12, or even 18 months apart. The filter can simply be washed and dried and the liquid re-applied.
  • In the case of HEPA filtration, using our filters as pre- and post filters can extend the service life of those filters by anywhere from 4x to 12x, depending on the air quality standard that needs to be achieved.
  • Lower air drag means lower energy consumption and lower wear and tear of equipment.
  • In short, this new technology presents the convergence of better air quality, waste reduction, simplified maintenance, lower electrical bills and lower equipment maintenance, or extending the service life of the equipment.

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